other work by mark dixon

The Safetybike is a collaboration between me and Chris Huggins. We’ve had this project on line for years now but all of a sudden its gotten over a million views! How does that happen?

This is a video from my band. We happen to be called “invisible.” Musically, we are all over the map but this video is from a performance we did using an IBM Selectric typewriter that controls an upright piano. I made the Selectric piano with my friend Fred Snider. It is played by Jodi Staley. The Selectric Piano is currently on loan to Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham NC for use in their production of Europe Central.


7 responses to “other work by mark dixon

  1. bill schultz

    Dear Mark,
    Love the website. It’s great to see some of your work all in one place. I hope you add your amazing metal basses and other cool stuff. Hope you are well. Let me know if you need any wood. I am happy to share.

  2. ej

    good job well done is what. we will collaborate in the future. somehow i know this.

    ej osborne, product design, kingston university.

  3. Nicolas

    hello, i’ve seen your video on youtube. i wanted to know if you are thinking about marketing the SafteyBike. When i first saw it I immediatly knew I wanted .There are alot of people who would like one too…

    • invisiblechair

      No plans for production at the moment though custom orders would be considered. Im afraid the safetybike will have to be reverse engineered by the true safety enthusiasts out there.
      thanks, Mark

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  5. Brian Tremain

    Your video on YouTube on how to make a wooden xylophone was fantastic!
    I have been looking to buy, or make one for 13 years. I haven’t been able to find part 2 of 2 of your video though. Is there any way you could direct me to it, or give me some tips? Thanks, and by the way what is the free music festival?

    Brian Tremain

    • invisiblechair


      Thanks. I did not post or make that video so I don’t know what happened to part two. That is me though. The free music fest was in pittsburgh a few years ago. My band invisible performed and they asked me to do a workshop as well so that was it. Yeah tuning wooden bars can be extremely complex but for the fundamental its really quite simple. I hope you will give it a shot.

      Thanks, Mark

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